About Me

Hello there explorers of the enter-web.

IMG_8119My name is Ellie (Eleanor) Hunt. I started this site my freshman year of college, when I noticed that I was struggling with things that were beyond hormones, boys, friend drama, and whatever the heck else I’m supposed to be stressed out about in these golden years of my life. Don’t get me wrong, those factors absolutely influence my state of mind, which is why I have to be extremely conscious about the situations that I throw myself into. Let’s just say I’m figuring that out the hard way. I’m currently a twenty-somethings year old student studying health science, philosophy, and *drum roll* culinary arts. (No these are not all of the degrees I am receiving….I could have lied about that and maybe you’d be a little more impressed).
If you find yourself looking through my posts, you’ll notice a theme of self-construction and destruction deliciously spiced with flavorful humor (ya like that? That’s culinary talk).
This is my journey of discovering how to not only function, but happily exist as a young adult with ongoing mental turmoil. My therapist calls it depression, I like to call it brain garbage. Enjoy, relate, or simply let it make you feel better about your own sanity.

Yours truly,
Ellie Hunt

*Now accepting donations of emotional stability from you lucky bastards that possess it*


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